About FOFA

Friends of Fine Arts (FOFA) is an organization of parents, educators, and community members supporting and promoting fine arts programs at Downers Grove South (DGS) High School through gifts and service.

Because of the generous contributions of the many volunteers and financial supporters, FOFA is successful in achieving these goals:

- Provide summer study grants in music and visual art.
- Assist in financing music and visual art education for students in need.
- Purchase supplementary equipment for fine arts instruction.
- Support events with publicity, volunteers, and amenities.
- Facilitate communication of fine arts activities to the membership.
- Promote community among students, parents, faculty, staff and the greater area through the arts.

Parents can support our efforts in three ways:
1. Become a FOFA Board Member
1. Contribute financial assistance by joining FOFA
2. Provide volunteer assistance at events www.volunteersignup.org/E4HPA 
3. Support our various fundraisers

Any of our current board members would be happy to answer any questions you may have about FOFA:

Brian Allendorfer, President
Mikako Shattuck, Treasurer
Christi Branch, Secretary
Glenn Williams, Faculty Liaison

email fofablog@gmail.com