2019-2020 Membership Drive

2019 - 2020 Membership Drive
How do you get from Good to Great?
For the Fine Arts programs at Downers Grove South High School, it’s the community involvement. In a time where we see other schools abandoning their Arts programs, we are so fortunate to see ours becoming more vibrant. And we have you to thank for it. 

Now in its 22nd year, the Friends of Fine Arts (FOFA) is looking forward to organizing the efforts to keep our programs thriving.

What does FOFA do?
FOFA works in collaboration with Band Boosters, Choir Boosters, the Orchestra, and the Visual Arts programs to serve the more than 1,700 students who participate in curricular arts programs at South High School. Last year, FOFA supported more than $12,000 in projects to enhance the studies for our musicians and artists including: 
  • Student scholarships - FOFA offers summer study grants in music and visual art and assistance to students requiring financial support to pursue private instruction. 
  • Student fundraising - by organizing various fundraisers, FOFA helps students fund their own accounts and pay for supplies, lessons and school-sponsored trips. 
  • Visiting musicians and artists - FOFA helps expand the boundaries of the classroom by supporting opportunities for students to learn from professional artists. 
  • Equipment - students of the visual and musical arts at South High School benefit from FOFA's purchases of supplemental equipment for fine arts instruction. 
  • Events - FOFA helps organize and provide hospitality support for concerts, art shows and other fine arts events.
How can you help? 
Parents can support our efforts in three ways:
  1. Contribute any level of financial assistance by joining FOFA 
  2. Provide volunteer assistance at events 
  3. Support our various fundraisers held throughout the year 
Your contributions, in any way, is very much valued and helps to ignite a life-long passion for the arts in every learner. Please see the brochure for more information on our organization and to indicate your level of participation. 

Thanks in advance for your involvement. Your dedication ensures we will have another fantastic year in the arts at South High School. 

Artistically yours, 
The 2019-2020 FOFA Board